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about the stakes raised tonight, is romney now bad for american companies trying to do business in china? >> this is a point. >> and he had caterpillar ceo saying it's your typical election year bashing. if it's not, cat has a lot bigger things to worry about. >> is this big? >> i assume but talks with afghanistan and benghazi -- we thought this was going to be about the economy all the way to the end. it's taken a hard right turn. >> tonight's the intellectual debate. ge obviously doesn't want anything bad said about china. >> no. >> we heard the same thing from caterpillar ceo, he thinks this is about political rhetoric. last week strategists said which candidate might be more market friendly. some believe romney with the sabre rattling could be more upsetting to markets. >> which you get a cold war between countries, you can see the chinese, communist parties, no toyota -- i don't know how to say that. >> we export a lot more to us than us to them. >> general motors, chinese shuts down general motors and he dumps all the gm stock like that. >> what about apple? >> i don't know. >> you
? a rally that felt romney would do a good job. >> we have a situation macro versus bernanke's bid under the market. >> if it weren't earnings report season, it would be terrific. it's like what you were saying before. if the international debate had been first -- >> foreign policy. >> how would that change the outcome? reports do sort of keep with one theme which is split personality between u.s. businesses and u.s. consumer. the real question is can that relationship hold up? >> then we had those companies that are tech that straddle both. they are western regional. and yet this whirlpool, that's a consumer stock related to housing. they said over and over again if housing gets going, they are now lean and mean. they're not enough whirlpools and coaches to overtake the duponts. >> they said we missed the consumer boat. we should have been more aggressive on that front talking about areas of strength. >> talking about a consumer company, there's a company called apple, maybe you've heard of it. it's in the spotlight as the company is set to launch a smaller version of the ipad later tod
in theory at least romney is more pro-business relative to obama. that's good for stocks. it's not that easy. beyond that there's a whole issue of the future of the fed and their commitment to the five-year ranks where they are and under romney that would not be the case. the big thing for us in the election is the bond market. that's highly asymmetric. could be a big loser on romney victory and the stock market has to deal with that even if the risk premium would come down. >> thanks for having us. sounds like jim was listening to the "squawk on the street" discussion we had yesterday on why the romney victory may not be great for stocks. >> cramming in a lot of information in a short period of time. we'll come to you later. you just heard from jim o'neill. still ahead, an exclusive with the man at the head of goldman sachs. that's lloyd blankfein. >> one restaurant stock that's still feeling the love this earning season. we'll talk about panera. for how long can it stay on top of its game? look at those games today. the company's ceo and executive chairman will join us live on cnbc. if we
a lot of rumors that people think romney is going to try to push bernanke around. raise rates. not only did warsh say this last night, i made some phone calls to the romney people. there's not going to be a romney fed confrontation. nada. not going to happen. don't even think about it. anyway, the romney people would not be unhappy with a zero interest rate for their first year, right, so they could help get the economy jump started maybe with some better tax and regulation policy. anyway, they couldn't move bernanke because he's stubborn. and, anyway, the federal reserve board is stacked with easy money obama appointees. so it would be like knocking up against -- it's not romney's style. he's just not going to do that. on the other hand, i think warsh is right. the fed is still worried about the economy. look at the numbers this morning on capital goods and durable goods. take out defense and take out aircraft. these were lousy numbers. businesses not investing. there's no capital goods activity. >> we had a bunch of ceos ring the bell today from fix the debt. >> yes. >> proposing what
. >> two times the amount of high five. >> romney supporters may not question the validity of the data but they'll say that 2% is not strong enough to support job growth in this economy. while the numbers are not bad, they're not bad, they're not good and they're not good enough for job creation. >> last night on "mad money" you said almost no company gets through the ridiculous gauntlet of the third quarter unscathed and you have said the next 11 days before election day are going to be tough no matter what. >> they're torture. i keep coming back to a couple -- this is the best example. we had broadcom on the other day. scott mcgregor, the ceo. they blew in numbers when it comes to wireless. they did good cable numbers. we had comcast with good numbers. they exceeded every single metric. they have tremendous apple business. i was joking about going 33 bid because stock was at 34 at a time. the stock has not had a minute's rest. it keeps going down. what more does the market want? the gauntlet is to high. it had technology. it had a sense that the peak was reached with apple. in other
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5